Apologies to our regular readers for the lack updates for about 2 weeks now. Hubby and I took time off work (and most everything else) after Easter and only got back to our routine yesterday. We had some grand plans before Easter to catch up on sleep, reading, playing and living. Well, we did some of those but most of our time were taken up by a pet project – the front lawn.

You see, the lawn was overgrown with ugly, unwanted weeds and seem to attract litter like magnets attract shiny, metallic things. We could have paid for someone to do all the grunt work and design the garden but we weren’t too sure if our bank balance would survive it. So we went the DIY way. We did our own planning, purchaing materials, weeding, laying down the weed mats, shoveling, edging… the lot! What’s more, we worked regardless of the weather. Rain, shine and strong winds saw us trying to finish the garden makeover on time.

Four days after we’ve started and some seriously aching muscles later, the front yard is now looking better. We’ve decided on creating a gravel garden and I know it’s not much to look at yet but it’s way better than what we started with. We plan on adding a flower box in front of window and some plant cover along the edges plus other greens in containers. The rocks beside the path looks is a monotonous brown right now but it actually contain different coloured stones and should look a bit better once the dust settles down.

After all that, we still have the path beside the garage to take care of and as well as the backyard. Hmm… maybe we should have bought a place with more paving and less soil to cultivate instead. On the other hand, I have to say that seeing the result of our hard work in the front yard is pretty satisfying and I’m sure that once the greens are in place, it’ll be a much better place to spend some quality time in.

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  1. @Inggo: Yeah, tataniman pa nga namin yan. Masyado ngang plain at the moment kse walang kahit anong plants. Sabi ko nga kay Gj, mukhang surface ng Mars. Hehe…

    Not sure yet kung magtatanim kami ng puno, hirap kse rito, pag nasobrahan na ng laki ng puno, kailangan pa ng council approval para ipaputol so dapat sigurado kami sa kung anong itatanim namin.

    Pero shrubs and flowering plants would definitely feature in the space in the future, it’s still a work in progress 😉

  2. nice landscaping guys. kaso i suggest you add kahit isang small tree. napakaplain niya tignan and mainit. 🙂

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