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We wanted to take advantage of the long Easter weekend and the upcoming Anzac Day holiday early next week so we took leave off work between Easter and Anzac Day. Originally, we wanted to just get some rest and relaxation in during this short vacation. And we thought that maybe we could use a day of that short vacation to get some work done around the house.

We needed to have some electrical work done, for one. We wanted some more power points, antenna points and phone points, some halogen downlights, a couple of outdoor sensor lights, an exhaust fan for the laundry room and a ceiling fan for the dining area. Outside the house, we wanted to cover most of the front and back lawns with weed mat and top it all off with mulch or coloured pebbles.

The electrical work was not a big problem. I called several electricians in the area a while back to ask for free quotes. We got the electrician with the second cheapest quote only because he looked more professional and least dodgy.

As for the lawn work, we decided to do that ourselves. And I now regret doing so. We thought we could save some money if we did the job ourselves. We didn’t realise how much work is needed though.

We kept going back and forth to Bunnings Warehouse, Mitre 10, and garden nurseries buying all sorts of tools, gardening materials and handyman equipment. So far we’ve bought a couple of small weeder tools, a pair of leather gloves for Raquel, a small hoe, two shovels, a wheelbarrow, a saw, a workbench, plastic edging, wooden edging, a lot of weed matting, bags of mulch and a truck load of pebbles to name but a few. It hadn’t been all that cheap actually.

It’s probably still cheaper than if we just had the landscaping job done by a professional landscaping team. However, we’ve been working on the lawn for three days now digging out the weeds, laying out the weed mat, putting edgings in place, and shoveling mulch and gravel around. What’s worse is that we are far from finishing the stupid lawns. My back, feet and shoulders hurt. Raquel’s back, wrist and shoulders hurt. We’re both suffering from hay fever from all the weeds and grass we’re digging out.

So, yeah, we’re now regretting not having had the lawns done by pros. I think it’s too late to get them in to continue the work though. The only upside to all this do-it-yourself work we undertook was that we now know more about doing lawn work than before we started. I’m just looking forward to getting all the work done and finally getting that rest and relaxation we originally wanted when we took leave off work for the week.

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