Saturday shopping

Shops were closed for business yesterday and will be close again tomorrow. Good Friday and Easter Sunday are both public holidays here and most shops are closed, even the grocery stores.

Anyway, we had to run some errands and get some food into the pantry so we went to the shopping centre around noon. Unfortunately, it looked like all roads lead to the malls today with people grabbing Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies for tomorrow’s egg hunt. There was a long line of cars going into the parking spaces and people walking everywhere. Fortunately for us, we got a space fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the post office inside the mall was closed and we had to send something we sold in Ebay.

Walking into the parking lot, we were a few steps away from our car when we noticed that there is already another car waiting for a space to become free. The driver of the car blew is horn at us and I told hubby that the driver seem to be really glad to see us walking in his direction (hey, parking space for him!) After a few more paces, the driver blew his car’s horn again and this time, I told hubby that the guy seem to be in a real hurry. He agreed and apparently looked at the driver of the other car a few moments later as he said, “Hey, it’s M-!”

M- is a friend who lives nearby and it such just a great coincidence that he’d be waiting at a spot near our car just when we were about to go. We chatted with him for a few minutes and went on our way to go to another shopping centre to find an open post office.

When we got to Highpoint, there were a lot of cars already waiting for a space but as luck would have it, we were able to get a space just a couple of minutes after arriving. Better yet, the post office was open and we were able to send out the package to our buyer. We also went to Target to check out their Easter eggs on sale and bought a bar of Toblerone and a sinful box of rocky road heaped on top of a half eggshell-shaped chocolate. Bonus.

Next, off we went to Bunnings on our way home to purchase some materials as we were planning to do some gardening tomorrow. 3 bags of wood chip mulches, a weed mat, a shovel and some border edging later and we’re on our way. Afterwards, we swung by the grocery for get something for our meals tomorrow and went straight home afterwards feeling like we accomplished a lot today.

Tomorrow, we’d put all those gardening materials we bought to use as we attempt to makeover the path beside our garage. Fingers crossed that it gets warmer tomorrow as the past two days were definitely chilly and with some downpours too. Brrrrr!

Meanwhile, I gotta keep hubby from finishing off that chocolate.

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