Jesus Carries His Cross

Last Easter season, I thought I could draw all 12 Stations of the Cross as part of my panata for Lent but couldn’t. I was only able to draw the first station of the cross: Jesus is Condemned to Death.

Well, although it’s a year later, here is the second station of the cross: Jesus Carries His Cross.

I never thought I’d draw anything at all for the Easter season. I just picked up my tablet stylus and started doodling and decided to draw the second station for kicks. Then it came to me that it was actually Holy Week again. Anyway, since I haven’t drawn anything nice for some time now, I was hoping I still know how to draw. Well, it’s finished now. Hope you like it.

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  1. riiiiight… /:):-“

  2. Yep. Lent always gets me going for some reason. And no, that’s not supposed to be Simon helping him. That’s just some random bloke handing the cross off to Jesus. 😛

  3. insipred as always during the lenten season. though I had a hard time believing (in your drawing) that Jesus is weak in carrying the cross and that He needs Simon to help him carry it. 😉

  4. Hi nussh, thanks. More drama? Hehe. Yeah probably. I was thinking of drawing something grander when I started drawing it. I ended up just wanting to finish the drawing before Easter so I had to take shortcuts (like the wall in the background, etc). 😉

  5. nice perspective!
    But i thought it needs mere drama.
    N what is Jesus wearing- a channel number?:)>-
    happy easter!!

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