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I’ve recently learned that a number of friends have recently given serious thought to migrating. Most of their concerns, like mine when I was at that stage, revolves around the type of jobs available in their destinations. If this article featured in Money magazine’s website is to be believed, the following are the hottest job out there right now.

Australia World
1 Sales representatives Sales representatives
2 Engineers Engineers
3 Welders, boilermakers, plumbers and other skilled trades Production and operations technicians
4 Accountants Production operators
5 Production, engineering and maintenance technicians Carpenters, plumbers, welders and other skilled manual trades
6 Drivers IT programmers and developers
7 Mechanics Administrative assistants and personal assistants
8 Receptionists Drivers
9 Administrative and personal assistants Accountants
10 IT programmers and developers Managers and executives

It’s good to see that IT developers still made to the list both world-wide and in Australia (barely!) but I couldn’t help taking this list with a grain of salt. The slideshow for the hottest jobs worldwide was actually titled “Worldwide, the top 10 staff shortages”.

For example, the Australian list puts receptionists in the 8th spot of most wanted personnel. Yet, a friend who used to work as one recently resigned from her company because of stress. She said that she has become the “all-around girl” of the company who gets no respect and zero prospect of advancement within the company. She was paid a measly salary and got no gratification from the job so she left even after being offered a better salary and benefits package. Another friend tells of his company’s never-ending search for a receptionist that would stay longer than a couple of months.

It’s also best to remember that this is a very general list. There are several specialties within a field that not all IT developers would be highly in demand everywhere. For example, an ASP/VB/SQL developer would find that jobs for this skill set is starting to dwindle and would soon disappear altogether. It seems that if you’re a Microsoft developer, it’s all about .NET now, baby!

But then again, this list may still give comfort and reassurance to those who are interested in these fields or are already in them. Just remember that just because it’s listed as one of the hottest that you are entitled to be snapped up by hiring companies. It’d still take a bit of hard work, skills and a good helping of luck!

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