New Walkway Along the Yarra River

For some time now, we’ve noticed this big metal bridge that spans over the Yarra River under construction. During its construction, to me, it looked like a large train tunnel made of steel positioned above the river. As it turned out, it was actually a walkway-type bridge.

We only noticed it last Friday on the walk back to the city from our dinner at the Enlightened Cuisine restaurant near Crown Casino. Since we were there and we had our cameras along, we decided to take some photos.

Welcome, visitors, to our new artsy walkway. Come and enjoy the metal sculptures as you cross the Yarra River.

I’m not sure what it is supposed to be either.

The view of the Southbank looks great from the new bridge. Clickity-click.

Not only were there these sculptures along the bridge, there were also these glass panels with basic details of countries where most Melburnians migrated from. And here is the Philippines panel.

They even have a touch-screen kiosk at the north end of the bridge where you can get some basic information about different countries.

For the rest of the photos, go to our New Walkway Along the Yarra River photo gallery album.

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  1. beautiful and amazing! 🙂

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