Enlightened Cuisine

We first heard of the Enlightened Cuisine found along Queensbridge Street, Southbank, near Crown Casino from our vegan friend Irar. Later on, our food-tripper friends tried eating there and they enjoyed the food. Since they all seem to love it, Raquel and I decided to give it a go one afternoon some weeks ago and it was great.

EC is a vegetarian restaurant so there is no meat served there. However, the cool thing about EC is that use “mock” meat in their dishes. By “mock” meat, I mean non-meat products made out to taste and feel like actual pork, beef, poultry or seafood in your mouth. I had eaten some place else where they offered mock meat but the “meat” tasted nothing like the real thing. At EC though, they did.

So far, we’ve tried the Dim Sim, Lemon Chicken Rice, Nasi Goreng, BBQ Pork (Chasao) rice, Honey Chicken, Beef Rendang and Sweet and Sour Fish. The meats in these dishes are amazingly like the actual meat they were supposed to be imitating and all of them delicious (though some dishes are more yummy than the others). The fish was like eating actual fish with the fish skin included made out of seaweed, I think. The beef has the texture and taste of actual beef. You have to try it to believe it. Here are their Lunch Menu and Dinner Menu for a list of dishes they have on offer.

Not only do I get to satisfy my occasional craving for pork and beef, but even though I eat a little too much there, I take comfort that all I’d eaten was all vegetable (I know, I know it’s still bad to over eat regardless). Another thing I like about the place is that they usually don’t have a lot of customers so there are always vacant seats for us. I just hope they don’t close shop though.

Even if you are not vegetarian and have no intention of becoming one, I still recommend you give Enlightened Cuisine a try. I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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  1. When I visted Melebourne I loved EC some of the mock meats are amazingly like’ the real thing (satay chicken is better then the real thing!) did’nt like the beef I had ( had an awful texture and it tasted like you where bitting into chunks of ginger. Vegeterian orgasim is a good restaurant as well. Did’nt like Soul Mama (nice location though do’nt like food sitting in tray warmers)Melebourne is great for veg restaurants (I’m in Bris not so good)

  2. Hmm… we can try that next time, too. 😕

  3. We love dining in there as well. I like their spicy eggplant and the prawns with cheesy sauce….and the customer service is really good…

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