Bloody hell

Where the bloody hell are you? If someone you barely know wanted to invite you over to their place for R & R and posed this question to you, how would you react?

Well, Tourism Australia seems to think that you might be enticed to visit the country by posing this cheeky tagline. As someone who grew up somewhere else, my initial reaction was of shock. Why would you want to curse at possible visitors? Won’t that drive them away instead? But then on second thought, I remembered my dad telling me that Australians like to say “bloody” all the time. Also, Australians don’t really regard the phrase “bloody hell” as a curse anymore. Think of it as a favourite interjection a friend would utter casually.

Unfortunately (or is fortunately?), some countries where it was being shown don’t always agree. UK initially banned the ad, finding the word “bloody” offensive. A little over a week later, the ban was lifted and the ad is shown in its entirety. Now, it’s Canada’s turn to restrict showing the ad, this time finding the word “hell” objectionable (I was told that Canadians prefer the word “heck”).

On the other hand, not all Australians say “bloody hell” and it’s not as prevalent as the tourism commission would like you to believe. But then again, as they say, any publicity is good publicity and it seems like the ad is certainly stirring up some interest. If you haven’t seen it yet, watch the video here.

Maybe they should have used another phrase instead, perhaps something like “bloody beautiful, mate!”

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  1. Yes, “Bloody Hell” is a very popular expression here in Australia and I suppose in the UK, too. 😛

  2. Bloody Hell. It kinda reminds me of Ron Weasley… well, the Ron Weasley in the movie version atleast. Rupert Grint usually says Bloody Hell in the movie. 😀

  3. @Eugene: 🙂

  4. \:d/

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