Commonwealth games start tomorrow

The 2006 Commonwealth games would be starting tomorrow night at the MCG.

On the way home tonight, we had the opportunity to see the Queen’s baton relay with media personality Eddie McGuire holding the baton.

Too bad the photo was a bit blurry. Ah, well.

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Aussie Omelet

With half a dozen eggs in the fridge set to expire in a couple of days, I trolled around over the weekend to find fritata and omelette recipes. I’ve already been considering trying out a couple of recipes when I came upon this one, titled Aussie Omelet. I’m not sure if it was really submitted by an Aussie or if the originator of the recipe is Australian but it sure caught my eye.

The recipe got a perfect 5-star rating from members and I got most of the ingredients in the pantry. The other stuff like fresh mushrooms and capsicum (bell pepper), I could easily get when we do our weekly grocery shopping. I double-checked the ingredients list, making sure that there would be no objectionable component to it (hubby could be quite picky). Nope, looks like it would be hubby-safe.

Except I wouldn’t dream of mixing eggs, milk and curry. Sounds more like a recipe for a stomach ache. However, upon reading the reviews section, one reader commented that she wasn’t too sure of it either but that the end result came out delicious.

I tried the recipe last night and it was great! I decided to dice the mushrooms and prawns in the hopes of getting the eggs to fold over easily (someone commented that it could be difficult). No such luck, I couldn’t fold it anyway! It ended up like scrambled eggs with diced bits but it sure tasted yummy. One bite and hubby delivered the verdict, “Hmmm… this one’s a keeper!”

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