Walk the Ladder

We should really get a ute (Australian for pickup truck). Or at the very least, get a roof rack for the car.

Our roof gutters needed cleaning with all the stupid dry leaves from the nearby Aussie gum trees clogging up the down pipes. However, our old ladder couldn’t reach the roof. This meant we needed a longer (or is it “taller”?) ladder.

The only problem was that the ladder we needed for the job would never fit inside our little hatchback car. Fortunately for us, there is a hardware shop a few minutes’ walk away from our house. We could just buy the new ladder there and walk home with it on hand.

It seemed like an easy task when I first suggested it to Raquel. After three minutes walking and carrying the ladder, we started to regret the idea. The ladder got heavier the longer we carried it.

It was a great relief when we finally got home. I just hope we don’t need to bring it back.

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