Hakuna Matata?

Gj and I have been wanting to see the Lion King musical even when they were still showing it in Sydney. We thought we could fly to Sydney one weekend, see the show and come back. When they brought the production here in Melbourne, we said we’d definitely watch it while it’s still in town. Of course, we got distracted with everyday things and other activities and have put it off. Early this year, they’ve announced that the show would end by June 4 and with merely 13 weeks to go, we finally picked a date on when we want to see it.

We’ve booked some time off from work around Easter and thought that it would be a good time to go. To our dismay, tickets in the Stalls A section from now till the end of April are either all booked out or only have single seats available. After almost an hour of anxious anticipation, we were finally able to book seats on May 3 through Ticketek. We would have preferred seeing the show on a Friday or during the weekends but those were also sold out or only have single seats. I told hubby maybe we could probably buy two separate seats and just meet during intermission, but he won’t have any of it (and I was just kidding anyway).

So if you’re considering watching the show, better get your tickets now before it’s too late!

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