Switched Guitars

Just two weeks ago, I got myself a guitar — an Ashton CG44 Classical Guitar pack to be exact. From the day I got it, I practiced almost everyday and followed the guitar method book I owned diligently. Even as my left finger tips pulsed in pain, I soldiered on. Two weeks in, I was fairly certain that I wanted to continue playing the guitar.

Before buying the guitar, I was only able to play a few chords I learned back in my youth. And even then, I was only doing slow downward strumming. So when the idea that I wanted to try the guitar came to me, I decided to buy the cheapest quality guitar out there. With a guitar being cheap, it wasn’t such a big financial loss if in the end I discover that playing a guitar just wasn’t for me.

Now that I’m decided to go on playing, I figured I should buy myself a better (that is, more expensive) guitar. I’m not saying that the first guitar I had was bad. It was because of it that I decided I want to continue playing, after all. It’s just that I want to switch to an acoustic steel-string folk guitar (which seems to be popular in acoustic contemporary music) from a classical/spanish guitar (which is popular back in the Philippines, from my recollection).

After some research done on the Internet, I was set on buying a Yamaha F310 Acoustic Guitar. First of all, I trust the Yamaha branded musical instruments. They seem to offer the highest quality instruments at the cheapest price. My Dad’s classical guitar (which I liked a lot) was a Yamaha, as well as my soprano and alto recorders.

Second, the Yamaha F310 was recommended as the second best beginner acoustic guitar available out of top 5 recommendations made by Dan Cross of About Guitar. I didn’t go for the first choice, a Seagull S6, because it cost a lot more than the F310 and it’s way out of my budget.

Third reason was that it comes with some extras, too! It has a gig bag, extra strings, extra picks, a capo and tuning pipes. I didn’t expect the guitar to have any bonus stuff so I was pleasantly surprised when I found this out.

From research, the F310 costs as much as $349. But after asking and looking around the music shops around the city, it seems that I could get it for as low as $209 at Billy Hyde. I was planning on getting it from them until I called Allans Music last Thursday.

I already went to their Melbourne shop so I knew that their F310 sold for $249 but I called them anyway, just for kicks. Basically, I asked him questions to which I already knew the answers to. I asked the salesguy if there is an F310 available in the shop. He said there were two left. I asked if there were extras. He mentioned the extras.

Lastly, I asked him how much it was. To my surprise, he replied that it was only $199. I don’t know why it was that cheap. Maybe the salesguy made a slip or maybe it was on special. Whatever it was, it was great news. I also had to act fast before stock ran out.

The original plan was that I was going to sell the old guitar first before I buy a new one to replace it. I intended to put it on auction on eBay until I remembered that maybe some of my friends are interested in the old guitar. So, I emailed the group asking who’re interested. If nobody replied by Saturday, I’ll be listing it on eBay anyway.

But since I was afraid of missing out on a bargain with the F310, I didn’t wait for a reply from the group. I hurried off to Allans and snagged myself one. In the shop, it’s still listed as $249. I guess the $199 price tag was indeed a slip by the salesguy. He basically did the price negotiating for me. No complaints here.

After buying the F310, I received a text message from my friend Milkshake, “I’ll take your guitar for $90.” Great! Sold! I just love it when everything worked out in the end.

I actually expected him to ask for it, having heard him mention that he wanted to start playing the guitar again. I was only surprised that there were two more friends who are interested in playing a guitar. Hey, who knows? Maybe we can meet on weekends for jamming sessions or start our own band in the future.

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