Good news, everyone! Dell finally got around to delivering my laptop around noon today. Wonders would never cease as they delivered the correct item. People around me (like Gj and other office colleagues) were more happy about the delivery than I was. I was mostly just relieved that it’s finally been delivered. You could say the long wait and all the problems with the billing and delivery has dampened my enthusiasm for it.

Now that I’ve installed some software in it and has customised most settings, my happiness about the purchase is starting to return. That does not mean to say though that I would buy another product from Dell in a hurry. The experience has been certainly been traumatic and it’s not over yet. There’s still the remainder of my refund to think about but it’s not that much of a biggie in the grand scheme of things.

I’ve also submitted the online survey they sent me. The questionnaire was predominantly focused on the performance of the sales rep. (I gave her good marks as she was quite helpful during the whole ordeal) but there was one question regarding the overall experience. I certainly told them about the billing and delivery woes I had to endure! There was also a question regarding the likelihood of me being a repeat customer. Hands up to “highly unlikely”.

Still, I have no complaints on the machine itself. It looks good and performs well. Touch wood…

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