Not happy, Dell!

Early today, I checked the transactions summary of my credit card again to see if the promised refund from Dell has gone through. The good news is, it did. The bad news is that it is short by several dollars. I was erroneously charged $1,458.02 by Dell New Zealand Singapore but the amount they refunded was only $1,443.53 (that’s a difference of $14.49 plus the foreign currency conversion fee of $36.45 because the charge was made in Singaporean dollars. That came out to a total difference of $50.94).

Meanwhile, I have yet to receive the laptop that I ordered from Dell Australia. The delivery status as reflected on the order tracking system in their website reports a status of “futile delivery” last Friday afternoon. There’s no other information available and I assumed that the failed delivery happened on the courier’s warehouse after it has been checked out of Customs. So I didn’t call them straight away. After all, the estimated delivery date yesterday morning was February 27. Perhaps they’ll delivery it in the afternoon?

The day ended yesterday with no calls from the courier nor any shadow of a delivery man carrying a Dell box. Early this morning, I checked the status again. There were no further updates since the “futile delivery” on the 24th and the estimated delivery date has changed to today. I sent out an email to the sales rep. and told her about the refund being short and the delayed delivery. She called me on my mobile within an hour and said she’ll refund the difference to my credit card (I just hope she remembers to make it out in Australian instead of Singaporean dollars) and then gave me a number where I could check on the delivery status of my order.

I rang the number and finally got a live person who told me that the failed delivery might have been because there was nobody home to receive the goods. I replied that the delivery address is my office and that there is always a receptionist manning the front desk. That flustered her a bit and she put me on hold. When she came on again, it was to say that she’ll have the delivery re-scheduled this Thursday afternoon. Would that be okay? I asked if she could have it delivered tomorrow? Nope, saying something about a cut-off time.

Okay then, how about have the courier call me beforehand so I could receive the laptop? Sorry, they don’t do that service (this, even if they have a “Call Required Before Delivery” tick box in their order form). The best they could do is call a few days beforehand. Yes, and yet I didn’t get a call at all when they allegedly delivered my order last Friday. In fact, I could categorically say that the couriers NEVER called me at all, how ’bout that?

The lady said she’ll organise the delivery to be made on Thursday afternoon and said she’ll call me back once she has everything arranged. An hour later, I got another call from Dell from yet another cog in the wheel. The lady at the other end of the line asked if I ever got a call from the couriers? No. She’ll arrange the delivery to be made on Thursday, is that alright? Yes, in the afternoon? Her answer was, “anytime from 9AM-5PM on Thursday.” She proceeded to let me know that they don’t have any control on what time the delivery would be made. Aha, and yet the lady I talked to previously asked me if I want to have the thing delivered in the morning or the afternoon. I wonder, was that merely a rhetorical question?

Trying hard not to scream, I calmly enquired whether they could be certain of a Thursday delivery. She said she’ll call me back tomorrow morning at the latest. By this time, I was wondering if I should yell at her or laugh hysterically. Having worked at a customer-service center previously, I did neither. I thanked her and hung up. What’s so difficult about scheduling a delivery anyway that they couldn’t do it while I am on the line? What’s with this inefficient process of calling the customer with no real results nor any new information? And what could have happened had I not called them checking on the status of the delivery? Why not publish the number to call in their website, perhaps something like “Futile delivery. Please call this number to re-schedule delivery”?

At this rate, I looks like it would take a miracle for the refund amount to be correct and receive the laptop on Thursday. Heck, I wouldn’t put it past them to deliver a totally different thing when they eventually get down to delivering it. I could just marvel at their incompetence and rant. Don’t think I’d make any phone orders through them ever again, thinking about it is already giving me another headache.

Meanwhile, I just noticed the slogan in my sales rep’s email signature – Our Passion is Delivering a Great Customer Experience. I think not. Certainly not by a long shot!

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  1. @Ka Uro: Ewan ko nga ba, yun din sabi ni Gj. I seem to have rotten luck when dealing with customer service reps. Kaya nga ba ayoko na rin kinakausap sila as much as possible. Bumili nga si Gj from them nung Sept. ok naman lahat (except they didn’t call them beforehand either).

    I suspect though that there may have been a change to their internal processes recently and that might be causing the problems. From my experience kasi, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Not even their computer records are updated/synchronised.

    @Marissa: Yeah, I’m wary of buying online and through phone as well. However, as Gj had bought his notebook through them and the transaction went smoothly, I thought that they may be quite reliable. As Ka Uro said, baka malas lang. But then again, if they’re processes are good and have been in place for some time, there shouldn’t have been this much of a breakdown in their procedures.

    Oh well, at least the thing has arrived at last. Phew!

  2. Sorry to hear that Raquel.

    I have ordered mine thru the internet but completed the transaction thru their customer service. Everything went ok. Even the delivery was so fast, less than a week. I don’t frequently buy stuff in the internet, but because Dell is my supplier (our company buy laptops from them) they have gained my trust. And I was thinking that if ever there will be problems I can directly call my contacts.

    Fingers cross – there should be no problems in the future…


  3. baka napamalas ka lang raq. i have a friend who ordered an inspiron laptop from dell, ok naman. same friend already bought 3 desktop PCs from dell for his office in the past with no problem. yung isa pa nga nagluko after 2.5 years. tinawag niya sa dell and luckily it had 3 years extended warranty. dell replaced the motherboard for free. even sent serviceman to install the mobo with no charge.

  4. @Jennie: Toshiba was first my first choice until I got deterred by the price. I guess it’s true what they say about getting what you paid for. Hmph, if I’d had known the amount of grief I would get from Dell, pinatulan ko na siguro yung Toshiba or at least the Acer deal at Officeworks.

    Fingers crossed I get the thing delivered tomorrow. Asa pa ba ako? 8-|

  5. That’s why I like Toshiba. :d

    If you don’t get that laptop tomorrow, give Dell hell!

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