At last! After four days of having a dead phone line and, in effect, no Internet, we are connected again.

We came home Thursday night to discover that we couldn’t connect to the Internet through our broadband connection. At first I thought the problem was with the wireless router and the ADSL modem. After fiddling around with the settings, I finally tried to pickup the phone.

It was only then I realised that there was no dial-tone at all. I switched phone sets just to be sure it wasn’t just our usual phone. Nope. Still dead.

We could’ve called up our service provider, iiNet, but since we didn’t have a phone line to begin with, the only way to call them up was through my mobile. But, that wouldn’t happen.

We know from past experience and from other people’s that before you can talk to an actual person on their support number, you’ll have to wait an average of thirty minutes on hold. On a mobile phone, that would just be too expensive. We ended up waiting to call iiNet the next day instead.

In the morning of Friday, I gave iiNet a call and, as predicted, I had to hold for over thirty minutes before I got to speak with their support person. Fortunately, I could continue doing my work (programming) while waiting on the line.

I explained the problem to the support person. After taking in the details, she told me that it was possible to get somebody from Telstra (the company that actual owns the telephone copper lines here in Australia) to drop by our house later that day to check the problem out. She added that she’ll give me a call to let me know if I needed to go home so that there would be somebody to receive the Telstra technician. If it wasn’t going to be fixed by Friday evening, it’s possible that the technician could drop by on Saturday morning.

Friday ended with no call from the iiNet support person and our phone line was still dead. We figured that maybe the technician would drop by the next day. The problem was, Raquel and I was supposed to go all the way to Frankston to pick up a second-hand TV we won on eBay.

On the off chance a technician might suddenly drop by that Saturday morning, one of us had to stay at home. So, Raquel stayed while I had this near four-hour return car trip.

Raquel was bummed because she wanted to go out instead of being stuck at home. She was further bummed when no technician showed up to fix our dead phone line.

So we ended up having no phone and Internet access the whole weekend. What a downer.

Although I was hoping that the phone would get fixed today without any further intervention on our part, we decided to give iiNet another call anyway. Just to be sure.

After another thirty-odd-minute wait, I told the support person that even though we were told that the line would be fixed in 48 hours at most, our line is pretty much dead. The guy on the phone assured me that Telstra estimated the job would get done by 6 pm today.

I didn’t really believe him but what else was I to do. I just said thanks and hung up. All we could do was wait.

Even though I was at the office, I could still find out if we got our line back by dialing home. If I get the answering machine, then I would know that we have a phone connection again. At the time, when I call home, all I get is endless ringing — as if the line is okay but no phone was connected at our end.

A couple of hours after talking to the support guy, I gave our house a call and instead of a continuous ring, I got a busy signal instead. Woohoo! It wasn’t the answering machine but at least it wasn’t the expected continuous ringing.

I gave our house another call a few more hours later. “Hello, nobody is at home to take your call,” answered our answering machine. Yes! We have our phone line back and our Internet access!

At the end of the day, I didn’t get a phone call from neither the iiNet support or the Telstra technician. But we did get a card in our mailbox from the technician when we got home. We were hoping he’d say what the problem was but all we got was, “your phone line has been repaired.” A little more information would have been nice.

It didn’t matter. We have a dial-tone and I can surf on the Internet from home again.

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