Closed house

Ever since we bought our new place, some people seem to think that hint dropping, joking and even openly inviting themselves to our place is a good idea. I don’t know if it’s only curiosity that’s driving such comments but I find them crass. I mean why in the world would you invite yourself to someone else’s home, especially if they barely know you, if you have some semblance of propriety?

People seem to think that we’re operating a guest room exclusively for them all of a sudden, somewhere to crash when they’re in town. Then there’re instances when acquaintances seem to think that our place would be ideal for an afternoon barbie with a bunch of friends. I wonder, when and where did we advertise our house to be a free hotel and park for anyone to use?

I vaguely remember a time when people would wait to be invited, understanding that it is a privilege, not a right. What’s with this pressure for us to invite you to our place? There’s nothing special about it – it’s a medium-sized house in the suburbs full of boxes and in desperate need of furniture we can’t afford to buy. Oh, I can hear it now, it’s okay, we could sit on the floor if need be. But that’s not exactly the point, is it? Or haven’t you gotten it yet? We’ll ask you over when we’re good and ready, and not a moment before.

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  1. @Lanie: Hello! I think I’d consider sending photos of the house to family and close friends (such as yourself) but won’t be posting them here.

    If this experience has thought me anything, it’s that some people have no concept of boundaries and respecting other people’s privacy. :)>-

  2. Hello Raqs! Cool… Well, meron talagang ganyan. I’m sure curious lang sila sa bahay nyo. Take a picture na lang kaya of your house then post mo dito. At kapag may nag-aya sa bahay nyo send mo na lang ang link…

  3. @Marissa: Yeah, uso yata ang mga usi ngayon. I just wish they’d stop asking. So far, I’ve ignored their hint-dropping and if they ask directly, I politely say no. I’m just amazed that they don’t seem to think there’s anything improper about what they’re doing. Imbitahin ko kaya ang sarili ko sa mga bahay nila at dalhin ko ang buong baranggay, magpa-party sa place nila sabay layas. Wonder how that would go down with them? Hehe… don’t do unto others… 😛

    Re:email – sayang, but there would surely be a next time. Hopefully soon. :d

  4. Hello Raquel

    Pagpasensyahan mo na yung mga tao na ganyan kasi naiintriga lang yan sa bago mo na bahay. Basta huwag ka pa-pressure sa mga tao na nakapaligid sa’yo. Imbitahin lang kung sinong gusto mo. Hindi dahil gusto nila usyusohin ang bahay ninyo…

    Nage-mail ka nga pala ako kay Geejay….

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