Badminton Again

A while back, our friend Arnold started weekend badminton game sessions at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) for our Filipino group. I went to the first ever session but haven’t gone again since even though they now play at a regular weekend basis.

I really wanted to play again but Raquel and I have just been very busy with fixing up the house and catching up on other priority stuff. I kept telling Arn that I’ll probably show up next weekend and then the next and so on.

Last weekend, the MSAC became unavailable to casual badminton players because of the upcoming Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. So, as an alternate venue, Arn booked a couple of courts for 2 to 4pm at the Altona Badminton Centre located at Paisley Park, Mason Street, Altona North (Melway 55 D3), instead. With the venue being a lot closer to where I live (about 20 minutes’ drive away), it certainly made it an easy decision to play badminton that weekend.

I almost didn’t make it though. I had scheduled earlier to have a package picked up from our house in Werribee the same day but I wasn’t exactly sure when it was actually going to be picked up. So I just told Arn that I would text him if I would be playing or not. Fortunately, I got the package sent on its way before 1pm so I was still able to go.

I was out of practice and they were now following a new set of game rules so I felt like a total newbie. But it was okay. Everybody there was very friendly (it helped that I already knew most of them there). I also met new people there which is always a bonus.

As usual, I gave it my all, even to the point of looking ridiculous on the court. That’s how I usually play any game. I always like a good challenge. Unfortunately, in all the games I played in that day, I never won even once.

That’s okay though. I just deluded myself into thinking that the people I played against had all these weeks of practice playing and that I hadn’t played in a long time. If only I really believe it.

I know that the only way I’ll improve my game is to keep on going to these weekly game sessions. They tell me that they’ll be at it again next week. I’d love to go and play again. It’s fun and I get a good workout by the end of it. What’s not to like?

If you are a least bit interested in joining Arn’s weekly badminton games for Pinoys (mostly), you can let him know at the forum.

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