This Morning’s Chicken Sandwich

We nearly always eat our breakfast just before leaving the house for work. If we didn’t, we could end up weak, dizzy or just plain cranky on the trip to the office.

This morning though, we got up from bed later than usual so we ended up skipping breakfast. Well, not completely. I grabbed a banana from our fruit basket so we could have a little something to eat on the way. We would just buy our breakfast in the city when we get there, I thought.

I originally counted on having some tamago sushi or “chicken tempura” sushi for breakfast but the two sushi places along our route were still closed for business. Bugger.

There was this cafe/cafeteria just outside our building that served breakfast food. We looked over the food available and we thought they were either too greasy or too expensive. I thought there were delicious-looking food but they all contained ham or mince meat. If you didn’t know, Raquel and I avoid eating meat that isn’t either seafood or poultry. So we had to look for breakfast elsewhere.

In the end, we bought two Chicken Breast & Lemon Mayo sandwiches at 7-Eleven for $4.95 each. It was shredded chicken breast mixed in mayonnaise with a hint of lemon juice and egg whites on Helga’s Soy & Linseed bread plus some tomatoes and roquette lettuce. It was surprisingly great!

At $4.95 a sandwich, it still seemed a bit pricey for us but I would be willing to buy it again one of these days for breakfast or merienda. Or, I may even try making this sandwich at home and see if I could duplicate it.

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