Went Out with Friends

It had been a while since we’ve gone out with friends. In fact, we haven’t since last December. Since we live in Werribee, we now live close by to Milkshake, a Pinoy friend of ours. He offered to drive us around Werribee to show us places like this Filipino shop at the Woodville Park Shopping Centre (Melway 206 E3), the nearest bowling alley – the Werribee Superbowl at Riverside Avenue (Melway 205 J11), the Toyota service centre, a music instrument shop and the Medicare office along Watton Street (Melway 205 J9).

Since our vegetarian-to-be friend Irar who lives in Altona (also a Melbourne western suburb) needed help with her broadband Internet connection, we told her we’d drop by around lunch time. After Milkshake showed us the Filipino shop, we went to Irar’s place where we were offered a delicious home cooked dish called Beer Tofu with obligatory rice. There was even a “Jollibee” sauce/dip for the tofu (actually just UFC banana ketchup plus mayonnaise).

While at Irar’s, we got to see Edge again since meeting her at a general gathering last year. After figuring out that there was nothing essentially wrong with Irar’s broadband connection and having our lunch, at the spur of the moment we all decided to go to the Highpoint Shopping Centre for a little shopping.

When the mall closed at 5 pm (yeah, it’s early but we’re used to it by now), Milkshake drove us back to Altona to drop Irar and Edge home. But when we got there, we made another spur of the moment decision. This time, we decided to all go bowling in Werribee. Edge and Irar picked up their socks then we all continued our drive to Werribee.

I haven’t played bowling for some time now, too. So, it felt great to bowl again. I seemed to have lost my touch though as I didn’t score that high yesterday. But it was okay. Edge even gave me some tips to improve my game. Much appreciated.

While at the bowling alley, we also considered forming a West bowling team so that we can challenge our friends who live in the eastern suburbs. Maybe when I can bowl a bit better.

We finished bowling at around a quarter to nine. We accompanied Milkshake on the drive back to Altona to drop off Irar and Edge. On the way, I started to feel a bit ill. By the time we were driving back from Altona to Werribee, I really needed to get off the car and get some fresh air.

Raquel and I normally have dinner at around 6 pm. It was already past 9 pm and we still haven’t had our dinner. When I’m hungry, I either feel my stomach growl or I get dizzy. That time, I got dizzy. And having to go through a lot of roundabouts only made me more nauseous. I thought I could still make it back to Werribee but when halfway there Milkshake suggested we stop at Hungry Jack’s, I had to agree.

I was ready to throw up but at the same time I was very weak from hunger (and probably tired from playing bowling). I ordered a grilled chicken burger value meal but I was in no mood to eat even though I knew I had to. It was a horrible feeling. I had to eat but at the same time my body seemed to be resisting the food.

In the end, I was only able to eat three bites from the burger and maybe five French fries. I drank a paper cup full of Diet Coke though. That at least got me going until we could get home where I was able to eat a hot cup of noodles. Ahh. What a relief.

Even though the day ended on a not-so-high note, I still enjoyed it overall. I originally planned to go out again for a game of badminton with our other friends today but I just remembered all the things that’s still waiting to get done in the house. That and I’m currently sporting a very stiff neck. Maybe next time.

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