Our Kiwi Holiday – Part 4

This final part of our Christmas vacation story is long overdue, in my opinion, now that it is over a month after the actual event. So, I’ll just try to point out the highlights of our remaining days in New Zealand.

As before, the photos of our trip could be found in our Photo Gallery.

It was a long drive back to Auckland but thankfully, we were able to change our hotel booking a few days back. So, instead of taking a rest on a dingy hotel room, we were able to rest with a little more class at the Mercure Hotel. The other great thing about the hotel was that it was near the shops, the Britomart bus terminal and the Viaduct. Basically, near everything in the city centre.

A few days earlier, we were able to make contact with a New Zealand-based blogger whom we got to know a while back when he was just getting started with blogging. Since we were in New Zealand, we asked Ka Uro (of Mga Kuro-Kuro ni Ka Uro blog) if he wanted to meet with us in Auckland. Well, he not only met with us, he even invited us for a delicious lunch at his house and drove us around Auckland.

I think that was the highlight of our trip. It’s really very nice to meet people you knew but have never met in person before in another country. Ka Uro’s family was lovely and the food they’ve prepared for us was great. It was like being home in the Philippines again for that brief moment.

We spent our remaining days in NZ going to the general sights in Auckland. Apart from that, we also booked a tour bus to take us to Karekare beach (where the film “The Piano” was shot).

On our last day in NZ, I was already itching to get back home to Melbourne. With all the driving, walking and hiking we did in land of the Kiwis, I couldn’t wait to just return to Melbourne where we could get some much needed rest.

Our only regret was that we didn’t go to the South island of New Zealand. There’s always next time.

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  1. Curious: Would you move to New Zealand from AUS after what you saw? 😕

  2. Yep. I remember you. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by. Raquel should have emailed you by the time I write this comment.

  3. Hi! I think I now your wife and maybe you as well I’m eugene torralba (collage friend) please extend my regards to raquel and can I have your or her email add mine is eugene(dot)torralba(at)norr(dot)ae :d

  4. Okay I’ll let you know when we decide to go visit the south island. It may be a while though because we’re thinking of visiting the Philippines and/or other countries first before returning to NZ. 😉

  5. “highlight of our trip”. that’s flattering naman. glad that you enjoyed the lunch and the little sight seeing we did. come back next time and we might go with you sa south island. never been there ourselves. pasyalan natin si pareng atoy http://www.atoystory.blogspot.com/

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