What price companionship?

What price would you pay for a weekend in Sydney with four Aussie guys who promise free beer, sausages (and I quote, “of the lamb, chicken or pork variety”), a few laughs and stories? A group of friends thought they’d be lucky to get $200 and posted the offer on Ebay. With still 1.5 days to go, the bid has already reached $10,700.

And just to prove that a good idea that has brought fame and fortune is worth copying, there are now a number of ads in Ebay promising the Aussie idea of a good day spent with friends (beach, BBQ and beer). There’s the one from another group of blokes in Sydney, another with the fly-fishing trip, the one from a couple of guys in Victoria and even one in a mystery destination. So, which one has caught your fancy and would you be willing to shell out the moolah for the pleasure of their company?

Update: The bidding for the said auction has ended and it seems that most of the bidders have come to their senses and may have retracted their bids. The winning bid was $1,300.

Published in: on February 3, 2006 at 12:01 am  Comments (2)