Added the Comics Page

After my recent server hosting woes, I have stripped down my inactive Lovarian Adventures webcomics home page to a bare-bones minimum. That is, it’s just a static home page with links to the actual graphic files that represent each of the pages in the comic series. No navigation control, no nothing.

I had thought of leaving the website as is. After all, I don’t think I would be updating it again with newer pages any time soon. However, I’ve been feeling a slight ressurgence of enthusiasm for making comics recently. But, if I ever decide to draw another page of the Lovarian webcomic, I don’t want its website looking pathetic.

So, I have searched for a webcomic PHP script that I could use that will serve as the navigation control for Lovarian Adventures. After testing a few scripts, I finally decided to use Stuart Robertson’s Comic Gallery 1.2 PHP script. I’m quite pleased with it.

I then used the same script to power my other short webcomic titled I Believe. My plan is that I’ll be making more short 8-pager or 16-pager one-shot webcomics. And I wanted these comics to be linked directly from the Palabok website as these won’t be related to my Lovarian Adventures website.

And so, I have created a Comics page within the Palabok website which would list my current non-Lovarian webcomics. So far, there’s only one comic story in there. I’m hoping to add more.

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