Smoke Free Victoria

On today’s issue of the free Melbourne-based newspaper MX are advertisements stating that starting March of the first, people will no longer be allowed to smoke in tram, train and bus shelters as well as in “underage music/dance events” in the state of Victoria.

This is good news for us as we both couldn’t stand the smell of cigarette smoke. It just makes us feel very ill. My eyes would get all watery and I would have a hard time breathing if there is smoke present. So, on our daily commute to and from work, we had to frequently endure second-hand smoke from other passangers waiting for the train or alighting it.

Now, I don’t have anything against smokers per se but I really hate it when I get a whiff of their cigarette byproduct. Just as long as they smoke way away from me then I don’t mind at all if they smoke all day. Well, now that there’s going to be a new law in place regarding smoking, I can now at least breathe easy (metaphorically and literally) while waiting for my ride.

For further information regarding the Smoke Free advertisement, call 1300 136 775 or visit

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Added the Comics Page

After my recent server hosting woes, I have stripped down my inactive Lovarian Adventures webcomics home page to a bare-bones minimum. That is, it’s just a static home page with links to the actual graphic files that represent each of the pages in the comic series. No navigation control, no nothing.

I had thought of leaving the website as is. After all, I don’t think I would be updating it again with newer pages any time soon. However, I’ve been feeling a slight ressurgence of enthusiasm for making comics recently. But, if I ever decide to draw another page of the Lovarian webcomic, I don’t want its website looking pathetic.

So, I have searched for a webcomic PHP script that I could use that will serve as the navigation control for Lovarian Adventures. After testing a few scripts, I finally decided to use Stuart Robertson’s Comic Gallery 1.2 PHP script. I’m quite pleased with it.

I then used the same script to power my other short webcomic titled I Believe. My plan is that I’ll be making more short 8-pager or 16-pager one-shot webcomics. And I wanted these comics to be linked directly from the Palabok website as these won’t be related to my Lovarian Adventures website.

And so, I have created a Comics page within the Palabok website which would list my current non-Lovarian webcomics. So far, there’s only one comic story in there. I’m hoping to add more.

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