Can’t Beat the Heat

The past couple of days had just been very warm. The temperature was averaging at about 40 degrees Celsius as far as I could tell. The house was like the inside of an oven and stepping outdoors under a shade didn’t help any either.

We tried to beat the heat through the tried and true Filipino way of going to the mall but the nearest shopping centre didn’t have air conditioning powerful enough to completely overcome the warmth coming from the outside. Still, we welcomed the reprieve from the horrible heat. However, it was only a short term solution as the mall closes at 5 pm on weekends.

And since the sun doesn’t set until 9 pm during the Summer (as in right now), we still had three hours of sunlight left and we could only spend it at home.

Fortunately, during a very short heat wave when we were still living in an apartment in Canberra a few years back, we’ve purchased this “portable” air conditioner. By portable, I didn’t mean that it weighed light. I just meant that we can carry it around with us when we move to another apartment or, as is currently the case, to our house. It’s not as powerful or as efficient as a permanent wall mounted air conditioner but it was good enough to beat those few days in the year where it was really hot in Canberra.

We brought it along with us when we moved to Melbourne but never got the chance to use it at our St Kilda apartment. Still, we kept it just in case we needed it. And this Summer, we desperately needed it. I got it out of its box (we keep the boxes of the appliances we bought) and promptly installed it in the second bedroom that we converted into our study/computer room.

After installing the exhaust tube to the window, we turned it on and we felt this sudden gust of cold air from the aircon’s fans. It was glorious I tell you. We had the thing turned on the whole of yesterday afternoon after coming home from the mall.

Today, after waking up in the morning, we went straight to our study and turned on the aircon when we realised that the weather wasn’t going to be an improvement over yesterday.

Raquel recently won free tickets to watch the movie Keeping Mum starring Rowan Atkinson at the Village Cinemas in Geelong which was about 40 minutes’ drive south from our house at Werribee. The plan was that we would drive to Geelong early, have lunch there, do some window shopping, then be at the movie theatre for the designated 6:30 pm showing.

We went to Geelong and the mall was a disappointment. It was much cooler (I meant that in its literal sense) if we had just stayed at Werribee Plaza (the mall that was just about 5 minutes’ away drive from our place). But no. We had to be in Geelong to watch a free movie.

We had a haircut then went on to do some window shopping but the heat was just too much to bear. I rather be sitting at home watching a DVD with the aircon turned way up than sweating around some mall waiting for a movie we had no intention of watching if we hadn’t won the free tickets.

The reason we didn’t leave the moment we got there was because of this warning that came with the free tickets: “Please note that if you do not attend, you may not be eligible to participate in free screenings in future.” And of course, how could we turn down a free movie, and for that matter, future free movies.

In the end, at around 3 pm, we said, screw this, and left for home anyway. That free movie wasn’t worth the suffering we endured and was about to endure had we stayed around.

When we got home, we immediately retreated to our study, turned on the aircon and sat in our chairs in relief. It was great!

Raquel and I had to do some chores though that forced us out of the “cool room” but at least we knew that a relief to the heat was just in the next room waiting for us when we wanted it.

At around 8 pm, the air started to cool down (outside the “cool room” I mean). Maybe it was because tomorrow was forecasted to be a cooler day. Or maybe it was because of all the cloud cover generated by the bush fires around Victoria today that caused the temperature to lower near night time. Whatever the reason, at least it’s cooler now. Thank goodness we only had to endure this kind of heat for only a few days in a year.

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