It’s been a very hectic week. I was hurriedly trying to finish a work issue before this weekend when I received an email last Monday from our host at Lunarpages informing me that our site was eating more than its fair share of server resources. They temporarily transferred the site on another server pending a resolution to the problem.

So on top of doing work in the office, I was equally preoccupied uninstalling superfluous apps from the site which might, on the off chance, be the reason for my site eating up server memory. I dismantled my Lovarian Adventures webcomic site so that the only thing left is a home page and links to the actual comic pages.

I have moved most of the pictures and images used on the blog from our own Gallery to either Flickr or Photobucket. Then I changed the URLs on the blog so that it now points to the images on their new URL addresses.

In the end, all that was left was the WordPress blog application (this blog) and another unused image gallery application. Although I wasn’t entirely happy with having to strip down our site, I preferred doing that than having to move it to another host. That would be more of a hassle. Fortunately, Lunarpages was happy with the changes I’ve made. In a couple of days, if the memory usage stays down, they’ll move the site back to the previous server and then I’ll have full control of the site’s backend again.

Over the week, we also installed a new LG dishwasher with the help of Spike, a friend from work who happens to live in Werribee, too. I’m not a handy man type of guy. I guess that has got to change now that we have our own house.

We have also assembled some of the furniture we bought from Ikea after dinner. As of this writing, there are still three big bookshelves we’ve yet to put together.

Well, I’ve decided to skip doing the remaining furniture over the weekend and give myself some much needed rest and relaxation. Not to mention some time to write a blog. That reminds, me I still haven’t written the next part of our New Zealand holiday. I’ll be continuing (and concluding) that story real soon. If you are intersted.

Anyway, I’m just happy that everything seems to be slowing down again. I just want to sit on the chair in our rumpus and just relax.

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