I Hate Gardening

When we were still house hunting, one of the main things I looked out for was the front and back lawns. A lot of Australians, I bet, would prefer lawns they could turn into beautiful gardens. Not me though. If I had my way, I’d have the whole lawn paved. I’d rather be doing something else than spend my time mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges, watering the plants and raking the green waste.

I thought the house we bought didn’t have a big grassy lawn to begin with but it still took me a good while just to mow the stupid area this past weekend. I spent most of my weekend mowing not only the grass in the backyard but also the front lawn.

After returning from New Zealand, the grass and the weeds have grown pretty high making the job of mowing the grass more difficult than it really should. That’s my guess, at least. So while I was trying to cut away the weeds with the mow, Raquel was busy digging them up from the places where I couldn’t just mow them down.

We also realised that we didn’t have much gardening tools so we rushed off to our new favourite store: Bunnings Warehouse and bought a manual lawn mower, an electric line trimmer, a hedge trimmer, two weed-removal tools, gloves, earmuffs, goggles, weed killer spray, a small spade and big spade, a rake and a hand shovel. What a cash drain this gardening thing turned out to be.

With the proper tools and after all the work, at least the yard was now presentable again. I just wish I could avoid doing all the work all over again in a week or two. I’m seriously considering paying for somebody to just pave the whole back yard or fill it with pretty gravel or something.

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