You Can Never Leave!

As you know, we’ve just moved to a new place so we didn’t need the services we were using in the apartment anymore. So starting last Thursday, I’ve tried to have my broadband and phone services (they were bundled services) disconnected from iiNet. There wasn’t a way to end the service using their online toolbox so I had to call them up personally.

I requested that they disconnect all of my services by Monday as I won’t be needing it anymore. It was straight forward enough and the lady I was talking seemed to have understood my simple request.

Come Monday, I logged on to the iiNet toolbox and it said there that my broadband and phone were both still active. I thought that maybe it’ll all be disconnected by the next day. So when Tuesday came, I logged on again to see that my services were still active with them.

So I called them again. The man I talked to told me that there was indeed a reminder that my account would be disconnected. He explained that the person I talked to last time was probably on leave and that was why it wasn’t actioned as promised. Okay, fair enough. I asked him to end the service that day and he said he would do it.

Later, I checked my toolbox again and saw that the broadband service was now flagged as cancellation pending. The phone, however, was still pretty much active. Okay so maybe they needed to have the broadband deactivated first before they can do anything about the phone line.

The next day, yesterday actually, I called iiNet up again to complain that the phone line is still active. According to the lady I talked to, they couldn’t disconnect my phone line. They told me to call Telstra instead (where the line originally came from before I had iiNet take over it) and have them disconnect it for me. At the time, I couldn’t believe it. I had a similar arrangement done with another ISP before (iPrimus) and they were able to disconnect my phone line for me with no problem.

But okay. Maybe the rules have changed since two years ago so I called up Telstra. The Telstra lady on the phone told me that they couldn’t disconnect the phone because according to their records, the telephone line was under iiNet’s control. She told me to call iiNet back because she couldn’t do anything from her side. Great.

So I called iiNet again. The iiNet lady (a different one) told me that they couldn’t disconnect my line and that I should have Telstra “churn” the phone line back to them and then have Telstra disconnect it.

I said my goodbye and called Telstra. Now, apparently, there is no problem with having to churn the phone line back to Telstra but in order to do so, I have to select a home plan first. What that meant was that it’s as if I’m starting a service from scratch with Telstra just to have my phone line disconnected. That meant that I was going to be billed for connecting back to Telstra. And since I was going to disconnect the line immediately afterwards, I will incur an early termination fee with Telstra to boot!

No way! The Telstra lady also told me that the churning could take 10 to 21 working days so in the meantime, I will have to continue paying iiNet for the phone line I wasn’t using and when it does come over to Telstra, I will have to pay Telstra for the phone line rental and the early termination fee! And all because I want to disconnect the bloody phone!

Fortunately, the Telstra lady was very helpful in this case. I explained to her the situation then she talked to a Telstra communications technician. She couldn’t believe that iiNet couldn’t disconnect the line for me. And the technician agreed that iiNet should have the power to disconnect my line.

So Telstra canceled my attempt to have the line churned back to their service with no dramas. I mean, they could have easily just done what I asked them to do and they would’ve taken some money off me. But they didn’t. And so I appreciated their assistance there.

I called iiNet once again. I was ready to ask for the manager if the person I talked to wouldn’t do what I wanted. I was all psyched up to shout at whoever was on the phone if he or she was going to be difficult.

I started the conversation by plainly stating my request. “Could you please disconnect my phone line? End it? Cut it off? For good?”

And that was it. The guy told me they could do it and would do so as soon as possible. What the?! Then why did the first two iiNet people I talked to said that they couldn’t disconnect my line?

Well, I was glad that I finally had iiNet’s assurance that my phone line will be disconnected.

I just hope that the guy I talked to was telling the truth. Because when I looked at my iiNet toolbox this morning, it indicated that my phone line is still active. I just hope they deactivate it soon.

I wonder what will happen if the new tenants of the apartment decided to have a phone line connected in that place and the iiNet phone line is still in place.

It’s just so frustrating.

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  1. hi,

    you were with the iinet? ozemail is now with the iinet and everytime i make a call, it takes around 30 minutes waiting in cue. So, i can imagine how much time you spent talking/calling iinet. im not really impress with the customer service here…


  2. to hell with them. dami nilang arte ha. kainis. dito sa pinas tumawag ka lang ng technician or electrician, putol na yan in no time with a cost nga lang. :-w

  3. Hello Geejay and Raquel:

    Nahanap ko ang blog ninyo through the Filipino-Australian Exchange. Katulad ng marami doon, I’m also looking into the possibility of migrating to Australia. Sa akin, through STNI kasi ang nominated skill ko is Urban & Regional Planner (actually sa skills set ko, I guess I am a statutory planner). Nakapag-online application na ako with Victoria. 8 weeks daw ang hintayan so I look forward to the results end of January or early February 2006. Nag-online application din ako for Victoria SIR just to be sure.

    Very helpful ang mga insights ninyo and I think about many of your thoughts even when I’m driving. I like especially the articles on “buying a car”, “migrating tips 1 & 2″,”the article about a borrower friend who needs to get his acts together”,”the myth of the Filipino expat”; and many others …

    Thanks ng marami 🙂


    Victorio B A. Pujalte
    Planning Officer
    Strategic Planning Division
    Corporate Planning Department
    Philippine National Oil Company
    1630 Taguig City, Philippines

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