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Today is settlement date for our first home and it’s funny that all we got was a call from the conveyancer telling us that everything has been settled and that she’ll be sending us the details through post. I half-expected the news to be accompanied with fireworks but of course, nothing of the sort happened. It’s just like an ordinary day and an ordinary phone call. In my head though, fireworks are still going off. Excuse me while I get it out of my system. Our very first home, woohoo! It may not be our dream home but at least it’s ours. Or at least it will be after about 30 years of paying back the bank.

Next up, planning the things to fix in the new house and getting them done, getting the utilities disconnected in the old place and connected in the new one, cleaning, packing, moving, cleaning out the old apartment, unpacking and shopping for things we’ll need in the new house. All that in the busiest month of the year and in the midst of attending Christmas celebrations and preparing for a short holiday to New Zealand.

Then, when all the dust has settled and the holidays are over would the dreaded first payment of our mortgage begin. In another first, this would be the biggest debt we’ve ever taken on and it’s a bit scary. Perhaps I’d be better off enjoying the moment a little bit more. So again, hurray!

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  1. Hi!

    I know its been a while since you bought your house. We’re looking for a house to buy also. Funny nga kasi I was reading your posts about home buying and I can really relate sa mga pinagdaanan niyo. As in!

    Anyway, we found a house that we like and we’re just about to make an offer. Siyempre di pa naman sure kung makukuha naming pero can you give us tips about the expenses that we’re going have from the time of offering to settlement to first repayment. I’ve read the sites that you mentioned ( it’s really helpful) pero baka me mga iba ka pa tips which comes from your actual experience. Kahit range lang ng amounts involved. Also, after settlement, kelan ang first repayment?

    Thanks a lot.

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