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I made a big booboo. After a few heated exchanges with one of the commentors on the site, Raquel and I decided to turn on the Comments Moderation feature of our Blogging provider. That means, that whenever a new comment is posted on any of our blog posts, it gets queued up in the Awaiting Moderation section in the admin page.

The problem was that it didn’t send any emails to me that there were comments waiting for approval. This may entirely be my fault for not setting an auto-email notification for incoming comments.

But anyway, the end result was that, tonight, I just realised that there were 15 comments waiting approval and some of them for posts we wrote like several days ago!

So, I’m sorry for those of you who have posted a comment and never saw it show up underneath the blog post you were commenting on. I’ve just approved all 15 comments in the queue and will reply to them shortly.

In the meantime, I think we’ll just turn off the comment moderation feature and just delete the undesirable comments after it has been posted.

Again, we apologise for those of you who have commented.

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