Pinoy Pulubi

While on the way back to the office from lunch, a shabby and unkempt middle-aged man from far across the other side of the sidewalk started hailing us. Well, we weren’t entirely sure if he was trying to get our attention until I realised, to our surprise, that he was speaking to us in Tagalog (Filipino).

He told us in Tagalog that he doesn’t have money for the train and he lives all the way to Geelong (imagine someone living in Laguna stuck in Manila). I wasn’t at all sure if he genuinely needed help or was he a fellow Filipino trying to make it as a beggar in the city. Since we were in a rush and I really didn’t have much money left in my wallet, I just gave him 20 cents from my pocket, told him that I was sorry for not being able to give him more and moved on.

It took me another minute or two to realise how he knew we were even Filipinos. Was he stalking us before he approached us? Raquel supposed that maybe since we look like Filipinos (naturally), he tried to talk to us in Tagalog, just in case.

If he was genuinely in need then he could just as easily ask assistance from the police or something. He wouldn’t be living alone in Melbourne for sure. He could try calling his friends and/or family to help him out. Well, if he was fair dinkum, then I hope that he was able to get help and got home safely.

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Update on inspection

We wiped, scrubbed, vacuumed, mopped, polished all Sunday afternoon and Monday night in preparation for a property inspection yesterday. We really didn’t need to do a thorough cleaning of the whole apartment but wasn’t sure if the inspector would be fussy or not. In our previous experiences, they would normally have a checklist of items they’d inspect like walls, flyscreens, floor/carpet, range hood, etc. If they’re satisfied, they’d tick off the item but if they’re not, then they’d put in a comment as to why he/she wasn’t happy with the general state of the item – usually, this means we forgot to wipe the hood of the stove or they may be stubborn grease that still needs cleaning). As a tenant, you want all the items ticked on the first inspection since they would usually return for subsequent inspections to make sure that the problem has been remedied. This usually happens several days after the first inspection and although the items that have already been ticked off may not be checked, we usually make sure that everything’s clean to satisfy the inspector.

As you can guess, this could be a real hassle – I mean, we generally keep things tidy but who knows if the inspector would be satisfied with that or not. So, everytime we get a property inspection notice, we try to do an extraordinary job of cleaning everything to pass the inspection.

First thing we looked for after we came home from work yesterday is the checklist that inspectors usually leave on the dining table or kitchen counter. To our surprise, we only found a business card on the dining table. Gj theorised that we have passed the inspection and felt a bit cheated, all that hard work and not even a note with tick marks on it?

That was before I grabbed the card to have a closer look and noticed that there was writing on the other side. It said, “Property looks fantastic! Thanks.” That’s the card in the photo on top of the stove that Gj cleaned and polished until it literally shined. 🙂

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