No to Death Penalty

The name Tuong Van Nguyen has become a household name in Australia these past few weeks. On December 2, he will be hanged in Singapore charged with smuggling drugs into the country. I don’t approve of what Nguyen did even if he only did it because he was forced into that situation to save his brother from a drug syndicate in Sydney. He knew what he was getting himself into, sure, but when he cooperated with the Australian and Singaporean authorities, you would’ve expected that they would have given him some form of leniency.

But, no.

The Singaporean government will still proceed with its mandatory death sentence for drug traffickers regardless of the amount of cooperation Nguyen offered or given his circumstance (helping out his brother out of a bind).

Now, I think illegal drugs are harmful and people who sell/push them should be rightly apprehended and punished. However, I don’t believe that the death sentence is an appropriate punishment for Nguyen’s crime. Actually, I don’t believe that the death sentence is an appropriate punishment for any crime (no matter how awful).

The chances of sending an innocent (or relatively innocent) person to his death are there, no matter how small. And if later on, it was discovered that the person was innocent after all, there is no going back.

Anyway, even though I think Nguyen deserved to be punished for his crime, I don’t believe that he should be executed for it. There must be some other way. I definitely feel for his family and friends. I hope that there is some loophole or whatever that could be exploited so that Nguyen’s life could be spared.

Nguyen’s lawyers and supporters are exploring every possible avenue to reduce his sentence and stay his execution. I wish them the best of luck. There’s still time. In the meantime, all anybody could do is pray and hope.

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  1. Brigid: I agree.

    Nussh: Nakakatawa naman yung comment mo! :)) Na-entertain kami ni Raquel. But yeah, I do think there’s something hokey going on there but I still don’t believe in the death penalty. Life imprisonment, perhaps. Also, he’s Catholic, I believe, so he’ll probably give Buddha a miss. 😉

  2. hey!
    Thanks for talking about Nguyen n including that link, I finally get to know him. I think he’s very cute- mas cute pa syo!! I keep on hearing about him in news updates but I have to admit i’ve been lax to read more about his case. In fairness di ko rin masyadong nabasa yung kso ni Kate
    Wag kang magagalit pero cute sana sya pero me pagkatanga nga lang!! Alam naman nyang deadmeat sya pag natsugi sya sa Asya na me dalang droga pero go parin sya! Tsaka yung dala nya pang bigtym ha! Heroin tsong!!! Tingin ko etching lang yung para tulungan yung utol nyang addictus, e ba’t sya nag hit kung di din sya user! Isipin mo na lang -naisip ba nya kung ilang buhay ang masisira nya sa pag tutulak ng heroin? Tapos nga yon sasabihin nya para tulungan pamilya nya. Kung di sya nahuli eh di paldo sya ngayon. Eh kung ganito nalang tutal sabi nya para sa utol nya yon… eh kung yung utol nalang nya ang bitayin…di ba yun naman ang addictus? Ang addictus na nagtulak sa kanya na gumawa ng ganitong bagay. O kaya naman ipa hitit sa kanya lahat yung 300plus na gramo ng heroina na balak nyang ipuslit…pagbaba ng amats nya ka jamming na nya si Buddah- assuming na buddhist sya ha kung hindi… eh kung sino man ang pinaniniwalaan nyang luminkha sa kanya. Ngayon kung atheist sya, sori nalang maaga syang magiging pataba sa lupa.
    Tama ka…. a civilisation is judged from the way we treat our criminals. I think hanging is quite brutal, but considering the kind of damage he’s about to contribute if he wasn’t caught….. that death is still relatively swift n merciful.

    :)>-Nussh :-w

  3. I definitely agree. A person may deserve death, but I’d rather not have falible humans making those kinds of decisions.

    Plus, I’d kinda like to give these people the chance to repent.

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