Spring Cleaning

My arms and shoulders were aching when I woke up this morning. The reason being was that Raquel and I were busy during the past weekend cleaning up the apartment. We got a message from the real estate agent that managed our apartment indicating that they would drop by tomorrow for a typical property inspection where the owner can determine if the current leasors are indeed maintaining the leased property.

We’ll be leaving the apartment behind in less than a month and there would again be a final inspection of the place at that time. I guess it’s okay that the regular inspection will happen tomorrow and not earlier. This way, we’ll know in advance of the final inspection we were able to clean the apartment enough for the owner. If so, then we don’t have to worry about cleaning the apartment too much come final inspection.

Yesterday, I tried desperately to clean the “rusty” stains from the stainless steel kitchen sink and stove top. Fortunately, I bought one of those steel polish creams and it worked on the sink and the stove. Still, I had to do a lot of hard scrubbing action to get the desired result. That’s why my shoulders are sore now, I suppose.

We weren’t able to finish all the cleaning last night as we were awfully tired by then. Tonight, we’ll have to continue the cleaning. I’m so not looking forward to it.

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