Never In

While eating lunch one day, I had come to the realisation that whatever I’m into wasn’t usually the the “in” thing. Did I make sense? Let me explain.

I like to draw. In fact, I draw a lot but my style of drawing is a bit on the cartoonish side. By that, I mean I draw in a comic-book/animation influenced style. Sure, the cartoonish style is very popular with the regular folk but in the art world, cartoonists seem to be looked down upon. We are classified as “not real artists”.

I used to study the piano and then the guitar when I was younger. But in the end, I want to master a musical instrument that is easy to learn (since I don’t have a lot of spare time) and easy to bring along with me wherever I go. And so, I took up playing a recorder which is a kind of flute, for those of you who don’t know what it is. The problem is, I just found out that recorders are considered kids’ toys by the musical world. Playing a recorder doesn’t carry the same prestige as the other more professional instruments like the flute or violin.

I’m a programmer by trade and my specialty is Microsoft Visual Basic (or simply VB). However, in the programming world, VB programmers are sometimes considered not real programmers because C programmers find VB to be a very simple computer language.

So, if I was actually a painter, I could be classified as a real artist by my peers. If I continued to play the piano or the guitar or took up playing the flute or violin, I could’ve been seen as a real musician by my peers. If had specialised as a C++ or Java programmer instead, I might have been deemed a real programmer by my programming brethren.

Okay, maybe being classified as a real artist or a real musician or a real programmer is not that important. Just as long as I’m having fun with what I’m doing, it should be okay, right? Well, still, maybe, just maybe, next time, I try to get into something that is actually “in”.

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