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About three weeks ago, Geejay received a shiny new credit card as a replacement for his old one which was set to expire at the end of October. Strange that I didn’t get my supplementary replacement card as well but I reasoned that maybe they’re sending out the cards for the main account holder first and send the supplementary cards in another batch so I wasn’t worried. The end of October and the inevitable expiry date came and went with still no credit card for me. Maybe a delay with the postal services, what with the Melbourne Cup excitement and all. Last week, I finally asked Geejay to call up the credit card company and ask what’s going on. I reasoned that maybe they want him to confirm that the main account holder still wants me to share his account and they’re now holding off sending the card. Well, today he did ring them up and was told that according to their database, my mailing address was still supposed to be our previous address in Canberra. What the –?!?

Now, this is the first time I had to share a credit card with anyone so I don’t really know the usual process. All the bills, online login and correspondence regarding this account has been and still are solely addressed to Geejay. I mistakenly assumed that when Geejay updated his details when we moved last year that I don’t need to ring them up to give them the same information since we’d surely be sharing the same record in their database anyway, right? Wrong. The customer service operator told him that my new card was most likely sent to the old address at the same time that his card was sent to our current address. Additionally, as a security measure, the current card number was invalidated and we’ve been given a new one. Bummer. Now we have to change our credit card details with the companies we’ve set up direct debit arrangements with. The operator also told Geejay that I should be the one calling the customer service line to change my details because Geejay can’t request it on my behalf.

A couple of minutes later and I was on the phone talking to a cheerful customer service assistant. She asked me for my access code and I thought blankly, what access code? I think I said it out loud while scrambling my brain for an access code. Brain nearly died with no codes to give. She then asked me if it was my first time to call them. Uh, yes. Very confused now since I didn’t even know that I could call them concerning this account a few minutes ago! She then asked me some questions regarding my details and asked if I want to set an access code. I said yes and gave her a string of numbers. Hah, now I have an access code!

Next came the question and answer of previous address, new address and phone number (for the telemarketers, perhaps?). She sounded slightly distracted while I recited our current address. She then said okay and said that she’s just waiting for the system to update and that it seems to be taking it’s time. I commented that it usually does when you need to do something with it. Slight chuckle and an agreeement. Stupid system still not updating. She commented that I totally changed states there, referring to my change of address. To which I replied, that yes, it happened about a year ago and I didn’t know I need to have my details changed since I thought my details might have been changed at the same time that hubby changed his. She said that the company’s policy is only in line with the privacy law and that they couldn’t assume that I moved and am still with hubby. Fair enough. I said that yeah, I guess this is a better way of doing it and it’s just that I didn’t know I had to have my details changed. System finally updated and we hung up.

According to hubby, our new credit cards should be in the post in about 3 weeks. Hmm, just in time before we need to move houses again. Perhaps I need to draw up a list of the companies we need to inform about our change of address before the move. Let’s see, there’s the government (Medicare, ATO, VicRoads, etc.), bank, credit card company, superannuation companies and others I can’t remember right now. Fun, fun, fun. I dream of the time when people could create a central, secure portal where they could change their details and the government and the companies they subscribe to would be informed of their change of details. Sounds fabulous? Well, I’m quite certain loads of tech-savvy users would agree, but then again, so will a fair number of hackers.

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