Trick or Treat

It’s Halloween and one thing Raquel and I didn’t expect to see is a couple of kids knocking at the door yelling “trick or treat!” It’s probably our first ever experience of trick or treating kids. The two of them were very cute in their black witch customes. I wanted to take a picture of them but we don’t want to seem too weird so we skipped that idea.

Fortunately, we have lots of chocolate in the cupboard to give them. I wouldn’t want to find out if they’ll take the “trick” part of the threat seriously.

Anyway, since it’s Halloween, I drew something real quick for the occassion: a drawing of a Nuno sa Punso. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a small Philippine mythological spirit that lives in ant hills (punso) with magical powers. They typically keep to themselves unless disturbed. When angered, the offending person will likely be cursed by the Nuno in which the only cure is to visit your friendly neighborhood albularyo (witch doctor/shaman). For more info, go to the Wikipedia Nuno entry.

Click on the thumbnail to see bigger picture. In the meantime, Happy Halloween!

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