New Shout Box

Our previous shout box powered by had been playing up for sometime now. Users would sometimes double-post and sometimes recent posts would disappear for no good reason.

I’ve been wanting to replace the shout box system with another one for some time now but never really had any motivation to do so. That was, until today.

My aunt emailed me today, asking me why I deleted her recent posts. She asked me if I took offence to her posts. Well, I didn’t take offence. There was nothing to be offended about her posts, by the way. It was just some comment on me looking like a Filipino actor I don’t even know about and her wanting to make a guest blog post here.

Anyway, the posts disappeared mysteriously along with the other recent posts by other people and even myself. I didn’t intentionally deleted these posts. The posts just disappeared. Just to make sure this incident doesn’t hurt anybody’s feelings, I posted a couple of comments on the shout box mentioning the problem with the current system.

But still I got this email from my aunt who obviously didn’t believe me when I said it was a system fault of some sort. I’m a bit disappointed that she insinuated that I deleted her posts intentionally along with other unrelated posts just so I could remove hers. I couldn’t believe she thought I was being deceptive.

Anyway, I had enough of that. To be sure this debacle doesn’t happen again, I promptly changed to a different shout box service provided by tonight. I don’t like their smiley images as much as’s though, but their admin features seem to be better. I hope I don’t have any more shout box related problems in the foreseeable future.

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