Furnishing a New Home

Mel, a would-be migrant, left the following question on my recent post, Errands:

About home furniture and appliances, Fantastic Furniture was recommended to me. Any other recommendations for new migrants on where to purchase the necessities in furnishing a home that would be budget friendly? Preferably in Werribee or nearby areas.

I already gave my short answer to this question on the comments area of the same post but let me elaborate on that now.

When I arrived in Australia, I was lucky enough to be housed by the company that hired me in an apartment that was already fully furnished. However, when I eventually moved to my own place, I had to furnish my apartment myself.

It’s a good thing I didn’t have to buy absolutely everything. Even with an unfurnished apartment, it would most likely come with a stove and oven. Sometimes, a clothes dryer or dishwasher or both are also included with the rental property.

So, in the end you’ll only probably only need the following: a bed, lounge furniture, dining furniture, microwave, refrigerator, TV and stereo. Okay, so you probably don’t need a stereo or a lounge (aka sofa), but I think the rest on my list are necessary.

For the furniture, I agree with your friend’s recommendation. From my experience, Fantastic Furniture seems to offer the cheapest decent furniture you can buy out here. You can also maybe get cheap furniture at places like The Warehouse. Alternatively, of course, you can go with used furniture. I’m just not comfortable with the idea of sitting on somebody else’s old lounge.

As for white goods and home electronics, you will probably want to go to The Good Guys where the prices seem to be cheap to begin with. But if you pay with cash, you get to pay less. You can also try Big W or Kmart. I bought my Sanyo TV from Big W at a real bargain.

For other bargain shopping needs, you can take a look at the Bargain Shoppers: Guide to Sydney & Melbourne website for a list of shops.

Apart from buying at brick-and-mortar shops, you can also buy furniture and appliances from eBay, too. Before moving to Melbourne from Canberra, Raquel and I sold most of our old furniture through eBay. The winners of the bidding had to pick up the items from the house though as it would’ve been expensive to have to deliver the items to them.

You can also buy the Trading Post newspaper (which is similar to the Buy & Sell Free Ads Paper we have in the Philippines) at your local newsagency.

I’d still prefer to buy brand new furniture and appliances though as those usually have guarantees from the shop that sold them. But, if you are looking to save, buying used stuff may be the way to go.

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