Japanese Fast Food

Although we usually bring our own food to work nowadays, there are times when we just want to eat out during our lunch break. It just so happens that most of the time, we want to eat something with rice (as Filipinos do). And on those occasions, we usually have a bite at our favourite Japanese fast food places.

The first one is Tokio on The Causeway near Bourke Street. They seem to serve authentic tasting Japanese food. But, since I’m not Japanese, don’t take my word for it. I guess I just meant that it doesn’t taste too Western and it’s probably because the food was cooked by actual Japanese (I can tell by the language they were using).

I personally liked their teriyaki-don while Raquel liked the fish bento. And back when we were still eating pork and beef, we also liked their katsudon and sukiyaki-don. The dishes only cost less than eight dollars each.

As much as we love it there, we couldn’t always eat there as that would get tiring after a while. Not to mention the fact that it seemed like they’ll be closing down real soon.

The second Japanese fast food place we love to go to is Shuji Sushi. They have one shop right near our office at Flinders Lane corner Queen Street. There is another one at the Galleria’s food court along Elizabeth Street. And recently, they’ve also opened a new branch right across the Melbourne City Library along Flinders Lane.

They sell both cook-to-order dishes like katsudon and ready-cooked dishes at less than seven dollars a plate (sorry but I can’t remember the exact cost). You can have either one dish or half of two dishes and it would still cost the same. Our favourite was always the Teriyaki Chicken along with the mixed vegetables.

The things we like most about Shuji Sushi was that apart from having delicious teriyaki chicken, the serving size was always pretty generous. It’s certainly more value for our money.

Recently, we also tried another Japanese fast food restaurant but it’s a bit farther this time. It’s called the Ume Sushi House. It’s along Little Bourke Street near Hardware Lane.

We just thought to give it a go one day and I ended up liking their Oyako-don. Raquel tried the Curry-don. Although she didn’t like it as much as the oyako-don I ordered, it was still pretty good. And, like in Shuji Sushi, they have big servings there, too.

So, if you happen to be in Melbourne and you have no idea where’s a nice place to it or maybe you just want to have a quick eat at a Japanese place, you may want to try any of the three fast food joints I mentioned. Can’t wait to go eat there again soon.

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