Sniffles season

While going around in circles at the Hedgend Maze last Saturday, I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my right ear. The pain quickly subsided but what was replaced by a slight pressure that has lingered for several days. I told Gj about it and he said (and not jokingly, I may add) that perhaps an insect has gotten into my ear. We’ve seen several spiders resting in their webs in various places within the maze after all, and there was even one actually dangling across one of the paths we had to take. I didn’t take him seriously and just attributed the pressure in my ear to being in a high area. But the pressure persisted and with it came a clogging of the nose and a headache. Maybe whatever took residence there has multiplied and is now making my head its colony? Sounds like the stuff of horror movies, doesn’t it?

I thought that perhaps I’m having another bout of sinusitis and gave my GP a call. I went to her office yesterday and she asked if I’ve had hay fever before? Hmmm… I really don’t know. Although I’ve had the sniffles in the past without having a cold, it only happens when I’m exposed to cigarette smoke for more than a few minutes. Is it hay fever if there’s no hay nor pollen involved? Anyway, I didn’t want to go into too much explanation so I told her that I don’t know but didn’t think so. She then checked my blood pressure and peered into my ear and mouth as well. She quickly diagnosed the problem as hay fever, adding that since I didn’t have a cold, it can’t really be an infection. She also mentioned that Asians are more likely to get hay fever and is especially common during spring and summer season. She gave me a script for a nasal spray and quickly ushered me out. I swear, these doctors make a killing for just a few minutes of their time!

Anyway, I purchased the small bottle of nasal spray (so tiny, in fact, that the contents were measured in micrograms!) from a nearby pharmacy and nearly had a heart attack when the cashier asked for $28.95. Whoa, this spray better be effective and go a long way. The pharmacist told me I have to spray each nostril once a day for about 1-2 weeks for my symptoms to clear and the doctor also said that I may need to take it everytime I get the sniffles all through spring and summer. Wanting to start to unclog my stuffy nose straight away, I used the spray while I was in the office’s loo. I’m glad to say that although the pressure in my ear is still there (might still be a few days more before it disappears), my nose is certainly feeling a lot better after only a few minutes. Thank goodness it’s now highly unlikely that I may playing host to a colony of bugs of the crawly kind after all.

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  1. @Brigid: I know! I felt like I was robbed when I got out of the pharmacy, thinking the bottle must have been dipped in gold or something. 😛 The box said it was made in Sweden so I guess that has something to do with it being costly and all. Anyway, day 3 now and I feel slightly better so I guess it’s worth the price (somewhat).

  2. 😮 28.95 for a bottle of nose spray?!? That’s insane! What was it, some namebrand thing? That stuff bad better be *really* effective.

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