Tired at Work

For the past few months, I’m heavily involved in a project at work that requires our system to essentially talk and play nice with a third party system. And right now, I’m still at it and it’s been hell.

I really wanted to go on a vacation to recharge but my sense of duty dictates that I should finish this project first. Heck, I’m sure they wouldn’t even allow me to take a vacation leave at this stage in the project anyway.

I think I’m half-way finishing the second part of the project though so there’s light in sight. However, I was told that after I’m done with this project, the other project team needs help finishing another project. So, I’ll be reassigned temproarily to that team to help out. I just hope I could be allowed to take a week off work before I start working on that other one.

Boy, am I looking forward to having this project finished.

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