Prickly Toes

A weird thing happened last night while we were having dinner. I was just sitting down, eating, when suddenly, the toes on my right foot felt like they’ve been pricked. It felt similar to the times my foot went numb (“fell asleep”, as it is also known) except the prickling sensation was concentrated on the tip of my toes.

It went away as quickly as it came. But after maybe a minute, there they went again. This went on for maybe ten times more last night. And being the pseudo-hypocondriac that I am, I went online and tried to Google the “prickly toes” symptom.

Although there wasn’t anything definite in the first few results from Google, what I gathered was that prickly toes could be caused either diabetes or hypertension (high blood pressure). Either cause was equally bad, in my opinion.

I pray to God it isn’t any of those things. I hope that it’s just my right foot getting numb from sitting down in a bad position or something. Well, whatever the reason for my prickly toes last night, I’ll definitely cut down on the sweets. I just hope it’s not too late.

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Almost Done with God of War Again

I’m playing the God of War game for the Playstation 2 again, but this time in god-mode which is the most difficult mode of the game. It’s essentially the same as the standard mode except the enemies are much much more difficult to beat.

I hope to finish the god-mode soon. I’m at the stage where I have to go against the god of war Ares after Kratos opened Pandora’s Box. That meant I still have to defeat Ares, then fight of the Kratos clones, and then fight Ares again with Athena’s sword.

Why am I playing the game again? Well, it’s a really great game. And I want to whoop Ares’ ass all over again. Why am I trying to finish the game again as soon as possible? Well, SoulCalibur III is coming out in October. When I’ve finished God of War in god-mode, I probably wouldn’t play it ever again. So, I can have the God of War game, along with another game I have, exchanged for the up-coming SoulCalibur III game at EBGames.

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