Rewatching the Good Old Shows

Lately, old shows from the 1980’s and the 1990’s have been coming out on DVDs and frankly, I was quite excited by the prospect of being able to watch the shows I loved to watch as I was growing up. So, when the first season of Sliders became available for renting, I jumped at the chance to watch it all over again.

It was just as good as I remembered it. I enjoyed seeing Q-Ball and the gang “sliding” from alternate dimension to alternate dimension all over again. Some of the special effects weren’t all that convincing as it did back in the 90’s but the stories are still pretty cool.

Next, we tried watching Quantum Leap with Dr Sam Beckett “leaping” back and forth in time hoping that the next leap is going to take him back to the present. As with Sliders, the special effects weren’t up to par with modern-day effects (as expected, of course). Still, the stories were pretty interesting and I was always excited to find out what happens next (I’ve forgotten how all the episodes ended).

And latest one we’re watching is MacGyver. I found the show very educational as a kid in the 80’s and thought MacGyver was a very cool guy. I just started watching season one of the show and I started seeing things about it that just didn’t gel.

Like, who or what is MacGyver actually working for? And in the first episode, there was this explosion in an underground secret lab and the people there needed saving. So what does the government do? They didn’t call a rescue team. No. They called MacGyver. Why? And in the same episode, he got to kiss the girl whom he just knew for maybe less than an hour. Heck, the intelligent things MacGyver did was more plausible than some of the story elements.

Anyway, I can’t remember most of the MacGyver episodes. That’s why I’m watching them again. Right now, I’m still at episode three, so I can only hope that it gets better with every episode I watch.

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  1. Er, Angus is his first name. Mac is just the nickname. 🙂 Anyway, we’re in episode 6 now and it’s getting better (ie. less cheesy). So, it’s all good. 🙂

  2. Ahh.. Mac Gyver. Who would have known that Mac is his real name. Sheesh. I also miss the series. I remember tito Rey from Brunei whenever Mac Gyver is on.

    I also want to watch Quantum Leap again. The same goes for Voyageer. Too bad they don’t sell DVDs of old tv series here. 😦

  3. Dude, MacGyver is like James Bond, only without the cool gadgets and the hot car so don’t get a headache thinking about why he kissed the girl. :d

    I want to watch Quantum Leap and Sliders again for the simple reason that I never found out if they ever got back to their real time.

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