Stupid Microsoft Reader! I installed the Pocket PC version of Microsoft Reader on my iPaq Pocket PC a few minutes ago. I wanted to have an eBook reader on my Pocket PC and I was deciding between Microsoft Reader and eReader (formerly Palm Reader). In the end, I chose Microsoft Reader.

Silly me. I thought that installing Microsoft Reader on a Microsoft Windows-run Pocket PC would be a better choice instead of installing a competitor’s eBook reader. Well, I installed it on my Pocket PC. Afterwards, the program wanted me to (soft) reset the Pocket PC so that it could finish installing the new program.

A soft reset is equivalent to rebooting a PC. There is another form of reset on a Pocket PC called a hard reset. What it does is basically wipe clean the Pocket PC’s memory and restore its factory defaults kind of like reformatting your PC’s hard disk. To perform a hard reset on a Pocket PC, you need to press two different buttons simultaneously while performing a soft reset.

I performed the soft reset as asked by the new program. The Pocket PC’s screen went black as expected while it resets. Then when the screen came back on, it was asking me to calibrate the stylus digitizer. The first time I saw this screen was when I started up my Pocket PC for the very first time. I suddenly had a bad feeling right then.

After I finished re-calibrating the Pocket PC and entering details like what time it was, I quickly checked to see the state of the memory. And to my horror, the Pocket PC had inexplicably hard-reset itself! All my installed programs, lost!

Also frustrating is the fact that I hadn’t backed up the Pocket PC for a while now and my back up is in the office. I hope that I’ll be able to restore my programs tomorrow.

Well, I certainly regretted installing Microsoft Reader. I wish I had installed eReader instead.

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