Sky High

Will Stronghold is about to start his freshman year in Sky High, a high school for gifted individuals with extraordinary powers. Will, being the only child of the legendary super couple Commander and Jetstream, looks like he’d breeze right through to “heroes” class and won’t have to worry about getting assigned to the “hero support” (sidekick) career path. There’s just one little hitch — he doesn’t seem to have any powers! What’s he to do and how does he tell his eager and enthusiastic father that his dream of a Stronghold 3 may never come to pass? Add to that the angst of teenage love relationships, dealing with a bully with super speed and a rebel with a grudge and suddenly Will’s high school life doesn’t seem to be too rosy after all.

We went to watch Sky High yesterday afternoon as a break from several week’s routine of house inspections and were horrified to find that the movie theatre was teeming with pre-teen kids with a few smattering of adults with younger kids. I started ribbing Gj that we’re the only couple there who doesn’t have any kids when another couple sat right in front of us – kids at heart just like us? The man in front was quite tall and Gj now has to look over the side to see the screen, too bad that seats were assigned and there doesn’t seem to be a better spot for us to transfer in. Tough luck.

We were afraid that the movie may get too cheesy as most movies geared for kids are but was pleasantly surprised that it could be a fun movie for adults as well. Steven Strait (as fire-shooting Warren Peace) and Danielle Panabaker (as flora-controlling Layla) were my favourites and gave great “hero support” to Michael Angarano’s Will Stronghold. Some bits of the movie were predictable and Kurt Russell as the costumed Commander cracks me up but it was fun and entertaining overall. :d

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