Haigh’s Chocolates

Haigh's Dark Connoisseurs box
Gj and I recently discovered the wonders of Haigh’s Chocolates and have been getting our supply of chocolate frogs and pastilles from their shop in the Block arcade. I’ve been eyeing their box of assorted dark chocolates since our first visit but the $16.80 price tag always puts me off in the end. Well, not today. I figured I might as well try one and be done with it, see if I like it or not.

The 200g cardboard box contains 14 chocolates inside with a little catalogue of the different chocolates that might have been included in the box. Yes, that’s correct, not every dark chocolate in their selection is included in the box so I guess Forrest Gump’s saying about never knowing what you get in a box of chocolates really holds true. Half the fun was actually from identifying the ones included in the box, the other half is just old-fashioned savouring of the goods.

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  1. @Flisha and Major Tom: They really are mouth-watering that I couldn’t help myself from taking one while setting them up for the photo. The smell was quite heavenly too! =P~

    As with most assortment though, not all were to my taste, but at least I’d know which one to buy individually next time. :d

  2. Hi! The chocolates looked so luscious. Now wonder, they cost a lot.

  3. mmm…. i’m salivating at the picture….

  4. @Inggo: Yes they sell chocolate frogs (chocolate lang naman yun shaped like a frog, hmmm… yum yum). Too bad they don’t come with Wizard cards. 😉

    Well, Gj refrained from eating chocolates for some time when he read somewhere that it has high-oxalate content and might encourage the formation of kidney stones. I guess the pain passing his kidney stones before made him wary of his favorite snack food. Well, at least for a time. Mas malakas pang kumain ng chocolate yan sa akin ngayon e. 8-|

  5. Chocolate Frogs? Do they really sell one? Does a Wizard card come with the frogs? :d

    Craving for chocolates, eh? But I thought kuya is off-limits to chocolates?:-?

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