Celebrity Sighting

Another reason why I like being in Melbourne (or in Sydney) is because there’s always that off-chance that we’ll bump into a popular person on the street. Well, earlier, that was what almost happened literally. Raquel and I were walking along Flinders Lane in the city when suddenly out from an alley was Rob Schneider. He’s in town to promote his movie: Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo.

The first thing we noticed that he wasn’t a tall person. I may even be taller than him and I don’t consider myself tall. Raquel did note that he looked exactly how he looks in the movies. He was being followed by several giggling girls wanting his autograph.

Not wanting to be like one of the fan-girls there, we just let him past us as if he was just your typical Joe on the street. Well, several feet of walking later, I sort of regretted not even taking a photo of him on my mobile’s in-built camera at the very least. I mean, it’s not everyday I almost bump into a Hollywood actor, even though he’s not exactly Brad Pitt.

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