They Just Won’t Let Go

A couple of months ago, we decided to switch from 3 Mobile to another mobile phone company. We just felt that we would save some money if we move to another provider like Virgin Mobile. We originally went with 3 only because they have this feature where we could make free 10-minute calls to one another provided we’re both using 3 mobiles.

However, this feature was only really useful when we worked at two different workplaces. Now that we work in the same office, we almost never needed to use our phones to talk to each other. We only use it now for sending text messages and calling up friends and family. Since most of them aren’t with 3, we’re not really getting any freebies. In fact, we end up paying more each month than if we just switch to another mobile company that has cheaper text and call rates overall.

We’re now with another mobile company and I no longer need to keep my 3 mobile activated. So I called up 3 Care (3 Mobile’s customer care people) to have the phone disconnected last week. Instead of getting it done, the operator practically begged that I look for another person to whom I could just transfer my phone to. I wasn’t really in a big rush so I said I’ll try.

Of course, I didn’t really. I mean, most of my friends already have mobiles. And to friends who still don’t have a mobile, I feel that they’ll be better off with another mobile service anyway.

So today, I called up 3 Care again promising myself to be more adamant in getting the service cancelled. Again, the operator tried to convince me to have the phone passed on to a friend. I told him that I already tried (not) and I wanted the phone disconnected. He said he’ll look at my account details. Right after that, he reminded me again that it will be a lot easier if I just transfer the phone over to somebody else. I reiterated that I don’t have anybody to pass the phone to.

He placed me on hold while he checks on my account balance. He came back saying that I had indeed paid for the handset repayments. He then reminded me yet again that I could just transfer the phone to somebody else. I said no. He asked me why I wanted to leave 3 Mobile. I gave him my reasons.

I was placed on hold while he talk to his supervisor. He came back and asked (again!) why I wanted to leave 3 Mobile. I gave him my reasons yet again. He asked what about 3 Mobile I didn’t like (which was just another way to ask why I wanted to leave them).

After that, he told me that he was going to put me on hold again and transfer me to their accounts personnel. The accounts operator confirmed that I indeed wanted to cancel my account. I said, yes. Then she started telling me that I could transfer my phone to a friend instead of having it disconnected.

What the hell is wrong with these people?! I wanted it disconnected. End of story.

I politely told her that I was already “advised” by two different 3 Care operators of this and that I wasn’t able to find anybody to transfer the phone to. Then she asked why would I want to leave 3 Mobile. Well, their customer care is certainly one reason why! Although I didn’t tell her that.

Lastly, she asked if I wanted to disconnect my 3 mobile phone. I remember saying yes to this question earlier. In fact, it was the reason why I was talking to her. At last, she said that the phone will be disconnected in 30 minutes and that I’ll be getting a note in the mail confirming that I had indeed cancelled my 3 account.

Whew! I thought I’d never get the phone disconnected. The entire phone conversation took about half an hour. I just hope the people in the office didn’t mind that I was on the phone for that long. Anyway, I’m just glad that was all over with. And now, I’m glad I’m no longer with 3.

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  1. @brigid: Yep. I had to be adamant about it. 😛

    @inggo: Well, gusto ko lang matapos na yung usapan. Now I’m off their service, I don’t think I’ll waste any more of my time complaining about it to any authority.

    @Jovs: Yeah. I’m a sucker for punishment. 😉

    @matthes: Sheesh. Good luck with that.

  2. I phoned up 3 in august to close my account. I had to make it clear to them that i knew what i was doing and i had a phone on another network that allowed internet access. After about 5 minutes of them offering new phones or cheaper price plans i managed to get a finishing date with them which was the end of september. Now my phone is still connected in october so rang them up to find out why. They told me that the closing date has been suspended ! My years contract finished in july. So what i have done is cancel my direct debit.

  3. Man that was hilarious! Sorry Geejay I know that it must be really exasperating… natawa lang ako sa pagkahaba-habang dialogue eh napaka-simple lang ng ipinapagawa mo. Oh well! I guess it’s part of their job to try to “keep” their customers. Ang haba rin ng pasensya mo ha… 30 minutes… hmmm, I think if it had been myself, after two times being put on hold I will already threaten to hang up and not pay the bills unless they do the disconnection no questions asked. *toinks* LOL. Anyway, ‘nuf said… have a good weekend! 🙂

  4. How annoying is that?! Can’t you complain or something? I mean, I know they mean well, but thrice? Sheesh! They really don’t want their subscribers to go, don’t they? hehehe. :-w

  5. :-w Man, those people sound awful pushy. I guess they figure you’d get sick of the rigamarol and keep the account.

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