Ruined Day Because of a Spoiler!

I turned my PC on early today, even before I left for work, because I had to copy an Excel spreadsheet from my PC that contained a list of houses we will inspect in Werribee on Saturday. I figured, since the PC was already on, I’d check my email anyway. I got an email from Friendster telling me that my brother had recently updated his blog: Blog ang Mundo.

Always keen on knowing what’s going on with him and the family back in the Philippines, I went to his blog only to have my day ruined. He knew I was reading a certain book. He knew I wasn’t finished. He knew I was reading his blog. And what do I see? A bloody spoiler for the same book revealing the identity of a secret character and who freaking died!

There was no spoiler warning. It was like three sentences long. Even if there was a warning, I wouldn’t have been able to avoid the spoiler as I read fairly fast and would’ve read the spoiler at almost the same time I’ve read the warning. To make matters worse, he even started with a sentence that calls attention to those people still reading or haven’t read the book before writing the spoiler. Also, some words in the short paragraph were in bold typeface making sure you don’t miss the spoiler.

It’s kind of like this:

To all of you who haven’t seen Sixth Sense yet. Bruce Willis’s character is actually a ghost! He’s dead already!

And no, his spoiler wasn’t actually about the Sixth Sense movie.

Anyway, after reading that post, I became very furious. I hadn’t felt anger like that in a long time. I wanted to punch something (and I did: the walls)! I kept shouting out expletives! I was frustrated and aggravated! My brother was fortunate he was in the Philippines and I’m in Australia or I would’ve punched him in the shoulders repeatedly.

All my effort in trying to avoid spoilers for the book by skipping on my other friends’ blog posts concerning the same topic was all useless in the end. It was like trying to get shot in a war torn neighborhood and I ended getting shot deliberately by my own brother. Nice. I think that’s what aggravated me more: the idea that my own brother dished out the spoiler when he knew for a fact that I didn’t want spoilers of any sort, more so about the book I was reading.

I imparted on to him my profound displeasure by leaving a short comment on his spoiler post that basically says: “If this isn’t a joke, you’re a bloody idiot!” But that didn’t lessen my anger, so I sent him two SMS text messages that basically said the same thing except longer. I also recommended that he remove the stupid post as soon as possible. To his credit, he did so immediately.

When I got to work to check on the post again, it was already gone. It was replaced by a sort of apology that wasn’t really much of an apology since he was still being cocky about it by quoting the secret words to activate and deactivate the Marauder’s Map from the Harry Potter series: “I solemnly sware, that I am up to no good.” and “Mischeif Managed!” Because I thought the apology was not sincere didn’t help quell my still lingering anger.

With that, I wrote a long and heated retort. I said that whether it was a joke or not, it wasn’t funny either way. I told him that I wander over to his blog to read what was going on with him and instead I get a stupid spoiler. I also told him that courtesy dictates that he shouldn’t have given out a spoiler and ruin a book for everybody else that may be kind enough to read his blog. I actually said more than that and in a stronger language.I vented my anger into that comment so much that I was afraid that I might have overdid it.

Well, he removed my comment. I thought it was for the best as I really meant that rant of a comment to be for his eyes only anyway. He posted a second apology as a comment to his original one. The second one was slightly more sincere than the original. Either way, I forgave him. The rant-comment I wrote must’ve helped vent out my rage, and I really couldn’t be angry with that oaf for too long anyway. I guess, it’s also because I like my brother more than any silly book.

In the end, my morning was still ruined as well as my complete enjoyment for the book I’m reading. However, I feel like I’m somewhat over it now that I have had the chance to rant about it here and on my brother’s blog. We’re okay now. I’ll just put this extremely annoying incident behind me — just as long as he doesn’t do it again.

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