Climbing Nadine Done

Whew. Finally finished with this thing! It’ll be a while before I digitally “paint” something like this again. It just takes too long to do. Even now, I know I could’ve made it better but I settled for “presentable” just so I could call this piece “done.” And so this is now the final version of this piece.

As usual, click on the thumbnail to see the larger version. You could also compare this to the previous two versions: the sketched/work in progress version and the rough coloured-in version.

Done entirely on Photoshop 7 (instead of OpenCanvas which I typically use) and with my Wacom tablet.

Published in: on August 26, 2005 at 7:31 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. Hi Brigid. Thanks for the compliment. 😀 I think working with traditional media is actually much more difficult and stressful as you can’t undo any mistakes. When doing it on the PC, you can try out different stuff until you come up with what you want then save that.

  2. Nice work!

    Working with paint programs can be very time consuming, but the advantages are great. (Layers, backing up if you make a mistake, etc.)

    Wish I could get grass to look that real.:)

  3. Heya Chris! Thanks so much. Yep, I was rather proud of that time-consuming grass. In the end maybe it would’ve been easier to just use on of those special Photoshop brushes that makes grass. Too late.

    And no it didn’t take long too paint because of Photoshop. It would’ve probably taken me just as long to do this in OpenCanvas. :)>-

  4. VERY nice! 🙂 The grass came out spectacular. Did it take so long to paint because of Photoshop, or just because?

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