MooncakesGeejay was hunkering for some Nagaraya peanuts and thought that it may be available at Asian shops so off we went to Chinatown, in search of this particular brand of peanuts. We went to the Asian grocery store we normally frequent and browsed the aisles of shelves. There were packed peanuts on sale, but unfortunately for Geejay, no Nagaraya in sight. I was trying to convince him to try the other brands of peanuts but said that only Nagaraya would do, adobo flavour specifically. We didn’t leave empty-handed though as we bought some seaweed and peanut cakes. Yum.

On our way back to the office, we went to another Asian shop inside an arcade along Bourke street. Still no Nagaraya for poor Geejay but there were rows upon rows of tinned mooncakes on display. Geejay customarily buy hopia whenever he goes to an Asian shop and with his predilection for anything with eggs, a mooncake promising 2 yolks is a tempting purchase for him. He bought one with white lotus paste filling with 2 yolks while I got one with only one yolk. The cakes came in small gorgeous tins. Geejay is in it for the cakes, I was in it for the tin. Proof of this, Geejay ate his cake the minute we got to the office while I waited till we got home from work before consuming mine. The mooncake festival is celebrated every 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar and if this Western to Chinese calendar converter is correct, we still have till the 18th of September this year to enjoy more mooncakes and collect a few more tins.

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Disney sand sculptures revisited

I was using Gabriel’s PC and was wondering what to do next when I thought of checking the visitor statistics for my photo blog. I was expecting to see the usual number of page views, which would be about less than 20 in a day, when I noticed that the number I’m looking at is 138. I did a double take and looked at the site name, half expecting that I made a mistake and I’m actually seeing this site’s stats instead of the photo blog. Hmmm… no, it’s there plain as day, My eyes darted to the page views again, still 138. What’s going on and where is this sudden flurry of activity coming from?!?

Checking the site referrals I got, I found out that the photos Gabriel and I took of the Disney sand sculptures last January were featured at the Luxo blog, a fan site dedicated to all things Pixar.

There were a few others hits from Nancy DTC, Sculptures de sables Disney, Upcoming Pixar and Boing Boing Mini. So if you haven’t seen those famous sand sculptures yet, now’s your chance.

Oh, and by the way, that photo on the left was taken by Gabriel and is my favorite of the lot. Enjoy!

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